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Small businesses Increase Digital Marketing Spend

Small businesses Increase Digital Marketing Spend

Publish On:   2024-03-08

Small businesses are resorting to digital marketing and increasing their spending amid cutbacks in traditional marketing techniques. According to a report from Sandy Rowley in News Wires, small businesses strive for affordable marketing resources, and digital marketing grants opportunities to scale quickly.

Small businesses are incorporating digital marketing strategies amid changing consumer behaviours who are increasingly switching online. The transition from traditional marketing to digital channels marks a major change in how small businesses do audience engagement, for greater effectiveness and measurable return on investment (ROI).

A substantial 45% of companies now dedicate a major portion of their marketing budget to online strategies. The digital marketing agency in UAE and other countries offers many opportunities for businesses to enhance their visibility and drive sales. From social media platforms, where 70% of small companies have already built a marketing footprint, to email marketing campaigns, which have won customers for 45% of small enterprises, the digital domain is ripe with potential.

Moreover, the increased spending on mobile advertising, expected to rise by 23% in 2023, reflects the urgency among small company owners to tap into the ever-growing mobile user base. This strategic distribution of resources gives insight into the shift in consumer behaviours, who rely on mobile devices for shopping research and purchases.

Amid this wave of digital transformation, small enterprises are not just enhancing their digital footprints but also revising their traditional advertising investments. The move away from conventional channels is partly a response to the demand for more targeted, personalised marketing techniques that digital platforms can offer.

This shift towards digital is not just a trend but a required adaptation to changing market dynamics. Smaller businesses that continue to increase their digital marketing efforts will see resilience and sustained growth in the face of changing consumer preferences.

More extensive Marketing options

Before the maximum internet usage, small businesses relied on print and traditional mediums of advertisements, calling, and establishing business networks. Then came the Yellow Pages for marketing.

Nowadays, marketing options are much more extensive, and small companies are increasing their spending on them. Forbes reported that Taradel’s recent marketing survey found that 94% of small businesses plan to enhance their marketing spending in 2024.

Advertising on social media has become the central area of concentration for most small businesses. Visual Objects 2022 survey says that 70% of all small companies set aside some budget for social media marketing.

Small businesses prefer specific social networks. The survey said Facebook is favoured by 83.26% of small companies, followed by Instagram at 48%, LinkedIn at 30%, and TikTok at 10.7%.

Search engine optimization (SEO Marketing) continues to thrive. Google Ads have significantly changed the landscape of digital marketing for many small businesses. With thorough keyword research, demographic analysis, and design tools, marketing personnel can create entire campaigns from their desks.

Marketing departments work hard to see their companies at the top of search rankings through SEO. This is especially important because most people must click through to page two. 95% of all web traffic goes to websites on page one. Doing SEO can take time and a significant portion of a company’s budget, but the end results are often worth it.

Also email and content marketing are other digital marketing services where small businesses see opportunities in 2024. These strategies offer a unique opportunity to connect with customers and build lasting relationships.

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