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Why Opt for Google AdWords PPC Advertising?

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The answer is simple enough, Google owns more than 80% of the search market share and if you decide to ignore it, you stand to lose big time. Whether it is to promote a new product or drive the traffic to your website, Google AdWords are the best paid search campaign solution. By properly setting up campaigns, targeting the right audience, and fine tuning the optimizations, you can almost guarantee instant results on the platform. At Conversions, we offer a complete range of Google Ads management services to help business based in Dubai and across the UAE reach their target audience.

With any campaign we undertake, we work closely with the client to craft high-performing campaigns that not only delivers clicks, but also quality leads and conversions. If you are business who wants to promote his/her product or service but is still confused about the prospect of Google AdWords, get in touch with us today!

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Our Google AdWords Management Solutions

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Google Search Ads

Also referred to as local service ads, their search campaigns enables you to place your advertisement across Google’s expansive range of search results. Your adverts based on the competition of the niche will be showcased before audience you are seeking products and services similar to what you offer.

Google Maps Ads

Google Maps Ads, as suggested by its names, is a paid advertising campaign that lets you showcase your product or service in front of audience who reside or are searching from next your establishments’ location. Every time a customer searches for a specific type of establishment on Google Maps, your advert will be shown at the top of the map listing.

Google Display Ads

Whether your target consumers are browsing online, watching videos on YouTube, or using their mobile phones, through Google Display Ads you can promote your services or products to them. How effective is it? As explained by Google, their Display Network at present has the ability to reach as many as 90& of all internet users worldwide.

Google Remarketing

Remarketing is a method by which you can reach out to those customers who’ve previously interacted with your website or mobile application. Google remarketing enables to strategically target these users who have exhibited a genuine interest in your product or service, this can not only help in improving sales numbers but can also help in enhancing brand awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve spend money of AdWords and I never got any results, should I really try it again?

Usually such complaints arise from those parties that have spent on AdWords through in house campaigns without any prior experience or having worked with an agency that offered you a service price you just couldn’t ignore. To run a successful AdWords campaign, you will need to have a proper idea about the platform and its nuances. If not, you are just wasting money!

How do you set up a Google AdWords Campaign?

It’s not easy! To set up a Google AdWords campaign you will need considerable experience on the platform. Additionally, the campaign has to be set up by taking into account factors such as your advertising objectives, the products you offers, campaign structures, conversion tracking, among several other factors.

Do AdWords Campaign Need to be Monitored Regularly?

Yes, AdWords campaigns need to be managed and optimized on a regular basis to ensure that they get the desired results consistently. Some of the factors that needs fine tuning almost every day includes creating new ad groups and keywords, checking on campaign budgets, and ensuring your ads are not showcased for irrelevant searches.

How do you charge for Google AdWords Campaign Management?

We base our Google AdWords service charges based on the number of campaign and ad groups needed and also sometimes for a fixed fee per month. Our charges on the whole is purely dependent on your objectives and how you hope to them.

What About Fake Clicks, Will I Get Charged for it?

Google does have in place advanced algorithms checkups to detect illegitimate ads clicks. Only those clicks which are detected to be valid are included in your account data while the rest are removed and ignored.

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