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Irrespective of your brand or business, the importance of Social media advertising cannot be overstated. With more than half the world’s population using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, businesses in this day and age, cannot hope to survive by ignoring social media from their digital marketing strategy. Our team here at Conversions have a thorough understanding of advertising on all social platforms and know how to deliver the best results for your businesses based in Dubai. With any campaign we undertake, we strive to craft a strategy to implement quality ads that will help you overtake your competition and reach the right audiences.

The biggest perk of incorporating social advertising into your brands’ marketing strategy is that it helps you target your ad spend directly at those customers who are interested in product or service. From helping choose the platforms that can work the best for you to branding your social channels, we here at Conversions are the team you can trust to take your social advertising game to the next level.

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Facebook Advertising

From increasing brand awareness to improving lead and revenue-driving efforts, the benefits of Facebook Advertising is manifold. As the worlds’ biggest social media platform, Facebook stands apart not only due to its massive audience but also due to the various targeting options and diverse ad types you can create. Our Facebook advertising services are designed to help you take full advantage of the platform.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram, without doubt is one of the top social platforms that you run your business ads on. The platform inexpensive when compared to Facebook or Twitter and help you reach thousands of potential customers with a fraction of your digital marketing budget. Instagram Ad campaigns are highly effective to draw attention to product launches, new initiatives, and expand your reach to potential customers.

Twitter Advertising

Ranked as one of the top three most influential social media platforms, Twitter is one of the best advertising platforms to reach out to Millennials and Gen Xers. Here at Conversions, we make use of the latest industry insights and platform tools to help our clients reach their ideal audiences and, on the whole, generate the best possible results. Contact us today and lets us help you with a strategic advertising campaign for Twitter.

LinkedIn Advertising

Do you wish to reach out to your target audience and launch effective LinkedIn marketing campaigns? If yes, then Conversions is the team that can help! From creating LinkedIn ads that will drive high volumes of traffic to your businesses’ website to optimizing LinkedIn ad campaigns for increased lead generation, our specialists can help with all your queries and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Social Platforms should I focus on to get the best results for my business?

While the question itself is straight forward and one that most of our clients ask us, the answer is not quite simple! Every social platform has its own charm. While Facebook helps you cover a larger demographic, platforms such as Instagram and Twitter are ideal to reach out Gen Xers. Coming back to the question, your choice, if you wish to target only one or two platforms, should be based with respect to your product/service and your campaign objectives.

What’s Difference between a Social Ad and a Social Post?

Any content that you share organically on social media through your account is called a post. An AD, on the other hand, is a paid post that will be visible to audiences who are not associated with your account. If you wish to take your brand or business to more people, Social Advertising is the way to go for faster results.

How much should be my Social Media advertising budget?

It’s entirely up to – your marketing objectives, how much leads you can handle per day, and number of platforms you would like to target. With any new campaign, we recommend our customers to start out slow so that we’ll get a clear picture on what works and what doesn’t. Like any form of Digital Marketing, social advertising is also based on trial-and-error. Do not get disappointed if you do not see immediate results, play it out for at least 2-3 months and you’ll have a winning strategy in hand.

How can I measure ROI against my Social Media marketing spent?

While it may be frustrating on the outset, tracking conversions and measuring ROI is something we recommend to our all our customers who are hoping to get started with a PPC campaign. Social Media advertising is no different in this regard. To see if your business is actually benefitting from the campaign, keep an eye on – number of followers, engagement rate per post, number of purchases/sign-ups/downloads, and the amount of website traffic.

I don’t think I can handle this myself, what can I do?

The answers is simple, contact our specialists at Conversions today! We can not only help with your Social Ad campaigns but can take your business to next level in search engines, social media, and PPC.

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