Unsure why your website is not ranking highly on Google? Our SEO audit can provide an answer to all your queries!

Why Should I Audit My Website?

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Short Answer – To Creating a Winning SEO Strategy

Your current website, irrespective of the efforts put in from your end is not ranking highly on the SERP and the conversion rates are still low! If you are facing such a problem, then we recommend you to conduct an SEO website audit to identify the hidden problems and come up solutions to tackle them. Through our website audit service in Dubai, we help you understand the challenges you are facing and why you are not achieving your SEO goals. Moreover, our audit will help you to prepare for future challenges and eliminate all unknowns prior to heading into a full-fledged SEO campaign.

Our SEO specialists make use of data from several tools and also perform manual checks to review every single aspect of your website and SEO in detail. The website audit report that we provide is detailed, well designed, and more importantly easy to understand. If you want to identify the issues affecting your website or improve your SEO presence through a detailed website audit, get in touch with us today!

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What Does This Website Audit Cover?

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SEO Keyword Audit

It is almost impossible to create an effective SEO strategy of a website without conducting a Keyword audit. Your SEO campaign should be fined tuned against those keywords your customers are using. There is no point in ranking for keywords that have low search volumes. Through SEO keyword audit, we analyze your current standing and also analyze the keywords your competitors are ranking against to provide you with a list of keywords best suited to your business objectives.

SEO Technical Audit

A technical audit is one which looks at the technical parameters of your website to understand factors that might be negatively affecting its SEO performance. Some of the key technical aspects that we cover through our audit includes – HTML Sitemap, XML Sitemap, Robots.txt, Informative Architecture, Schema.org, Page Speed & Page size. For more information about technical website audits, reach out to our team today!

SEO Content Audit

A content audit checks and reviews the full inventory of all indexable domain that currently exists on your website. Such an audit looks at content-related penalties from search engines, quality of the content, outdated information, content which is ranking and not ranking for keywords, competitor analysis, and missed content marketing opportunities. Once issues have been identified, we’ll recommend viable solutions to correct any and all problems.

SEO Backlinks Audit

Backlinks are extremely important for SEO and any website that hopes to rank highly on search engines will need to have a strong backlink profile. Google crawlers or for that matter crawlers of any search engine, do not just search for hyperlinks in off-site SEO, they also check for brand mentions. Through our backlinks audit service, we’ll help you with information such as – the type of backlinks you currently have, areas where you need to have more high-quality links, and analysis of links your competitors are using.

What Next After Website Audit?

So you have a detailed SEO website audit in your hand and wondering what to do next? The first thing, you’ll need to do is to correct all of the issues what you’ve uncovered through the audit. Now, some of these issues maybe outside your scope of expertise, but in such cases, our SEO specialists are more than happy to take over and help your website nail its SEO and boos its search traffic. If you any questions with regard to our SEO website audit process or would like some guidance with regard to current website, feel free to contact us today!

How We Choose the Best Online Gambling UAE Casinos

Our team of gambling experts has decades of combined casino experience, working with top online casinos, and they use this to inspect a range of key factors when recommending sites for online gambling in the UAE. We know there’s no one site perfect for every player too, so we provide a variety of options that all accept UAE players. Essentially, no matter your preferences, we’ve got you covered.

How to Gamble Safely at a UAE Casino Online

There are many reasons why online casinos are a good choice for UAE players. For starters, by sticking to our recommended sites, you’re playing with operators licensed by some of the world’s most trusted regulatory agencies. That means each of these casinos is entirely secure, from the financial systems and the safety of your personal information to the fairness of the games they offer.

Beyond simply choosing an excellent casino, there are other steps you can take to make gambling in the UAE even safer. To ensure your play is safe and discreet, we recommend using the following techniques that have proven effective for many players throughout the Middle East.

VIP Online Gambling in the UAE

After you signed up to the casino and claimed a welcome offer, you can start enjoying the generous benefits that UAE online casinos offer their existing players. To keep players coming back, our recommended casinos offer VIP programs to reward you for your loyalty.

You will collect reward points for your casino activities and advance through VIP tiers as you accumulate points. With each tier, the rewards increase. High rollers receive luxury holidays, VIP trips, tickets to world-class shows and sporting competitions, exclusive VIP events, and more.

Online Gambling Laws in the UAE – Complete Guide

Perhaps the most common question our team gets is if online gambling is legal in the UAE. The short answer to this question is that no. Like virtually all forms of gambling in the UAE, the law prohibits online gambling. But a deeper dive into the country’s gaming policies shows the situation isn’t entirely black and white.

Broadly, gambling is illegal in the UAE, as it is throughout much of the Middle East and many other Muslim countries worldwide. That’s been the case since 1998 when laws were changed to remove the gambling that had been allowed at some luxury hotels. However, you can find a few exceptions if you look close enough.

Taxes on Online Gambling in the UAE

A common question we receive about gambling online in the UAE is whether winnings are taxable. In most cases, the government only takes tax on your regular income, which is money you earn from investments, salary, and other business profits. As gambling is illegal within the country, there are no hard and fast rules on irregular incomes, such as casino and lottery winnings. Most people choose not to declare this income either, as doing so could put them at risk.

Join a Top Online Casino in Dubai and UAE Today

Now that you’re up to speed on online gambling in the UAE, it’s time to play! Check out our list of recommended online casinos to choose from, featuring the best and most trusted sites for UAE players. By sticking with our top list, you will have a safe, secure, and fun time playing all your favorite games at a world-class casino site.

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